Look at this photograph. This should tell you what we're about. We are about cozy, fun fleece products that can be enjoyed by all ages. From birth to age ???, people and pets love our products. We produce high-quality sets for all ages, from super-soft microfleece for infants to regular fleece sets for adults and older children, we are dedicated to making sure all ages can enjoy and love our products. 

We've created pet pillows and blankets and, as you can see above, animals love fleece as well! They can be just as fanatical as we can about something soft and fluffy to lie on or cuddle with. Have a pet recovering from surgery? They need a fluffy thing to cuddle with! 


- Our product is super easy care--just toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry! 

- Cuddling with a blanket can help reduce you relax and destress-- all the more reason to cuddle one of our products! 

-Over 100+ uses for the bag and the blanket! Use the sets at ball games, movies, sleep overs, lockins, and trips to grandmas! 

- HEY COLLEGE STUDENTS!!! Are your classrooms cold? Here's a fuzzy and fleecy way to keep warm-- and in your college colors! The bag also doubles as a convenient way to carry your caffeine and sugar supplies! Keep going all day to study hard. Going to party this weekend? Carry your set to your picnics, tailgates, or what have you, for sitting and keeping warm--especially at those cold winter games! 

-HEY SPORTS FANS!!! Are your seats chilly in early spring and fall? Here's a great way to keep warm while supporting your favorite team! 

-HEY MOMS!!!! Are your kids always looking for something to snuggle at night, in the car, or on trips to grandmas? Here's a fantastic product that's easy to store and carry to take with them and include a favorite toy, etc. 

-Specific product lines, such as the Ribbon Collection, will donate a portion of our sales to organizations such as Relay for Life, Susan G. Komen, etc. 


About our Fleece Fun-Atics


Our esteemed creator and product developer. Every bag that is created is by her hands and made not only with fleece, but with assurance that everything she creates is high-quality and made to last. Diane is dedicated to making products people and pets will enjoy and love for years to come. Diane has created the Ribbon Collection, featuring the ribbons for breast and ovarian cancer to spread the word about these diseases and to raise awareness. To reach our esteemed creator directly, instead of through our contact form, she can be emailed at diane@fleecefun-atics.com. 


Our business manager and events coordinator. Krista has always loved cuddly things and Fleece Fun-Atics, LLC has given her a way of expressing that love by sharing it with the world. Krista handles our events coordination, and, if you wish to directly notify Fleece Fun-Atics, LLC, about an upcoming event, she can be reached directly at krista@fleecefun-atics.com


Our social media coordinator. Michelle has also always loved cuddly things, and helped develop our pets product line. As a pet lover, Michelle came up with some of the pet ideas when one of her dogs had to undergo knee surgery. For any sort of social media and other information, she can be reached directly at michelle@fleecefun-atics.com